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Scalable SaaS, Cloud HR Payroll Management Software.

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Best Features of LetoHRMS-HR and Payroll software for Construction Companies

Managing Resources across projects can be a big challange for every contractor. Without smart planning of manpower usage can cause project overspending or can fall away behind the schedule.

Construction companies need the ability to have real time of visibility of using resources. Also resource allocation across all the projects should be easier through the software then only contractors can utilize their resources perfectly. Also contractors have to make sure all the resources used in the project for each cost categories as per the budget. Exceeding resource budget will cause the project profitless. LetoHRMS Resource allocation module helps contractor not to allocate more than the exceeded limit. UAE Construction industry faces significant challenges across all the project execution in terms of resource allocation. LetoHRMS smartly helps the contractors for doing manpower allocation and transfer between projects.