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On Demand / Cloud Employee Loan Management Software

Scalable SaaS, Cloud Loan Management Software.

Access your database from any device with a web browser
with web based Loan Management software.

Best Features of LetoHRMS Employee Loan Tracking and Management Software

LetoHRMS is a professional browser based application to manage your employee's Loan given by the organization. LetoHRMS Loan Management Software has been the best software in dubai-abudhabi-uae to track all of your employee Loans. Through LetoHRMS Loan Management, organizations can quickly search through their total receivable Loans from all employees, with features for filtering and sorting by Loan type. LetoHRMS provides Loan requests such as “Completed Loan Request”, “Cancelled Loan Request”, "Rejected Loan Requests", "Loan Reschedule Requests", "Loan Repayment Delay Requests" and more through ESS Software.