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Employee OnBoarding Management Software

With the economy on the upswing, many growing companies are starting to go after talented new employees. That means the lot of time spend on the first day of the job, and lot of money to spend while new employees to take full speed.Professional onBoarding process will make any organizational employee's to get motivation quicker and effectively. If you think on boarding process starts from the first day of the job, then you are wrong. Onboarding process will start from the employment confirmation itself

Even though new employees likely been on your company previously during the interview process, their experience on the first day or week will be filled with anxieties. their experience on the first day or first week will leave a lasting impression. In order to make new employee to feel great you need to make readines from the reception itself. Prepare the notification list to all employees or departmental employees to be aware of new employee's first level support.

LetoHRMS offers the best solutions to manage onBoarding process in dubai-abudhabi-UAE professionally. From the hire system will notify the correct department to arrange all the requirements for the employee, such as document processing, visa, arrival, receiving and appointment of first day to first month. In the onBoarding process, system recommends to get the PASS, ID's, Facilities, Training Materials, HR Manual...etc