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Scalable SaaS, Cloud Organization Chart Management Software.

Access your database from any device with a web browser
with web based Organization Chart Development software.

Best Features of LetoHRMS Employee Oganization Chart/Succession Management Software

LetoHRMS is a professional browser based application to manage your employee's Succession and Organization charts. Employee Succession is the challenging job when one employee is not available in the important positions. Employee Organization chart gives you the correct idea of any division and departmental structure about the approval and reporting process.

Organization chart represents the company's structure, it's oftenly required by bigger project for the proof purpose. Earlier Days Organizational charts are created and made as powerpoint presenation and it's cumbursome to manage each and every information change. or some design files stored in the local drive, so the employees had lot of problem carrying everytime to show the chart templates to the customers. LetoHRMS provides best control over the software or on the Cloud dymically from the Employee Management Software extended.